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Company Profile

       Xi’an Zhongyang Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Zhongyang Electric) is China's largest specialized dry type reactor manufacturer integrated of R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and testing etc. Founded in 1988, it has a registered capital of RMB 44 million Yuan. It also has convenient transportation and favorable location. It is located in No.90 Jinye No.1 Road where West Third Ring Road marches with South Third Ring Road and bounded on the east by Management Committee of Xi'an Hi-tech Development Zone. The company, which occupies more than 64 acres, is a garden-like factory integrated with research and development, management and production. It has more than 320 employees, among which those with bachelor degree or above degree account for 22% and those with master degree or above 7%. The company has so far reached an annual capacity of RMB 800 million Yuan with total assets of RMB 400 million Yuan.

    Zhongyang Electric's main business includes design and production, sales and installation, technical advice and technical services of motors and power transmission equipments; self-management or agency of goods and technologies import and export business, processing imported materials and “processing and compensation trades” business, counter trade and entrepot trade business. Leading products include dry type iron-core reactor (serial, parallel), dry type air-core reactor (series, parallel, filtering, smoothing, current limiting, magnetic shielding, neutral grounding, etc.), dry type semi-core reactor (series, parallel), etc. Products, which cover high voltage, EHV and UHV fields, are mainly used in power transmission and mining enterprises, and can meet the need for dry type reactors in AC and DC transmission. After years of rapid development, Zhongyang Electric has established partnership with the State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. and other dozens of domestic large and medium sized enterprises. Among them, GE, ABB, Siemens, Cooper, Nissin Electric and other world famous companies have taken Zhongyang Electric as their long-term supporting equipments supplier of dry type reactor. After more than twenty years of hard work and development, Zhongyang Electric has become China's largest reactor production base with strongest complete production capacity.

    At present, Zhongyang has established a good cooperation relationship with many domestic universities and research institutes. In 2003, Zhongyang Electric set up a post-doctoral research station upon approval from the State Ministry of Personnel; in 2006, Zhongyang Electric set up a business and technology center which has obtained municipal accreditation. This technology innovation system combination of production, study and research makes Zhongyang Electric always maintain scientific and technological advantages and take the lead in the domestic dry type reactor industry. Over the years, Yang electrical adheres to the technology development strategy of “market-oriented, independent innovation, breakthroughs in key areas, leading the industry” by increasing R & D investment, strives to make breakthroughs in key technologies for enterprise development, and seize the high ground in market competition. It thus takes the lead in developing reactor products in ± 400kV, ± 500kV, ± 800kV, ± 1100kV UHV AC and DC transmission and distribution equipments. In recent years, Zhongyang Electric centers around key national projects and market needs, increases research and technological efforts, and completes an accumulative total of over one hundred key new products independently developed, of which more than 50 reach the leading domestic level, and 16 obtain intellectual property patents; at the same time, based on the existing advantages in resources, the company relies on corporate technology centers, enhance research and development capabilities and scientific research teams by providing more supports and investments in research and development, and encourage employees at all levels to actively carry out mass innovation activities. We have completed a number of new products development, technological innovation and improvement projects, but also conducted nearly 40 technical innovation and improvement activities.

    As the pacesetter in China's electric power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry, Zhongyang Electric bears the heavy responsibility of promoting China's reactor equipments and technological progress and providing key equipments for national key projects. It has provided transmission and distribution equipment and services for China's first ± 100kV DC transmission project, the first ± 500kV EHVDC project, the first ± 800kV UHVDC transmission project, the first 1000kV UHVAC transmission project, the first northwest to north China back-to-back DC transmission project and the “Three Gorges Project”, "west to east power distribution" and other national key projects. All its equipments have been successfully put into operation. In the international market, Zhongyang’s electrical products and technology have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions, and successfully entered the United States, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regional markets. At present, Zhongyang Electric and its affiliated "ZY" brand at home and abroad have gained a higher profile and become a sign on behalf of good quality in the market. Its management has also gained acceptance and praise from a number of insiders and product users and has established a good reputation and market image.

    In the future, Zhongyang Electric will continue to carry forward the core values of  “cooperation, courageousness, creativeness, excellence” and seek common development of enterprises and society, so as to become domestic first-class, world-renowned provider of ultra-high and extra-high voltage electrical comprehensive support solutions.