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☆ Successfully won the bid Winning of Zhangbei Flexible DC Project Reactor Project. The Zhangbei Flexible DC Project is a clean energy power supply project serving the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics. It is the world's first flexible DC network project and also the world's highest voltage level and largest transmission capacity flexible DC project. The winning of the bid fully confirms our strong comprehensive strength and reflects our leading international technology level. It is of great significance to promote research and development of core technologies in the industry and realize technological innovation.

☆ Successfully won the bid of India's Neutral Point Project. . Winning the Indian State Grid project is an important milestone for the Company to go abroad under the guidance of One Belt One Road initiative policy. Thus, our Company has independently taken the first step to connect with the international market, fully demonstrating our market competitiveness and marking the beginning of a new chapter in the international project.

☆ YBHK-5000 anode saturable reactor has been successfully developed. Anode saturable reactor is an energy-saving high-tech product. At the same time, the reactor's water pressure tolerance, DC loss, saturation characteristics, temperature rise level, fault current tolerance and impedance characteristics under impact voltage were studied and improved, and passed the type test of Xi'an Institute of High Voltage Electrical Appliances, a third party. The successful research and development of this product can meet the demand of DC converter valve system for reactor equipment. It is of great significance to the continuous development of saturation reactor for UHV converter valve, filling the gap in domestic industry and leading the international technology level.

☆ The successful development of CKGKLK-200/35-5 open reactor and CKGKLQ-200/35-5 light reactor. The development of this product type has expanded new ideas, realized beneficial exploration of new technologies, new materials and new processes, effectively reduced costs and weight, promoted the diversified development of the Company's products, and marked a new step in the Company's technological innovation capability.

☆ The Company's Testing Station successfully obtained CNAS national accreditation laboratory certification. Obtaining this certification indicates that the Company's Testing Station has the national and international recognized management level and testing ability, and has the ability to provide more rigorous testing for the Company and its customers. At the same time, the testing ability of the Company's Testing Station has been internationally recognized, which helps to enhance the credibility of the Company's products and brand influence, promote the development of the industry level, provide a platform for participating in bilateral and multilateral cooperation and exchanges recognized by international laboratories, and enhance the competitiveness of the Company's products in the domestic and international markets.

☆ The Company won the "Shaanxi Province Labor Competition Advanced Collective" and "Marketing Department Worker Pioneer" awards, further stimulating the enthusiasm of all employees for their work and creativity of innovation. The labor competition has laid the spiritual foundation for the steady development of the Company and formed a good incentive orientation. The dry reactor produced by the Company (named "Zhongyang Brand") was awarded the title of "Xi'an Famous Brand Product" by the Xi'an Municipal People's Government. The continuous achievement of this honor is a symbol of the strength of the Company, a recognition and affirmation of the Company's brand development strategy over the years, and also means that the Company has further maintained its leading position and influence in the industry. The Company was awarded the title of "Hard Science and Technology Star Enterprise of Xi'an High- tech Zone 2017" by the Xi'an High- tech Zone Working Committee and Xi 'an High- tech Zone Administrative Committee of the Communist Party of China. This is another major honor after the recognition of star enterprises of strategic emerging industries in 2016. It is recognition and commendation of our Company's long-term technical research and continuous accumulation to form technical barriers. It marks our Company's position and achievements in the field of hard science and technology and is of great significance for promoting industrial development and technological innovation.

☆ The Company's new dry reactor project completed acceptance and filing, registration of property rights and roof maintenance of the plant, providing a strong guarantee for the Company's operation, effectively improving the production and operation environment.

☆ The Company's 30th anniversary, the successful holding of tug-of-war competition, full tourism, photography exhibition, photo exhibition, essay competition and other cultural and recreational activities, multi- angle, deep and all-round display of the Company's 30 years of struggle, brilliant achievements and staff's mental outlook, greatly inspired morale, stimulated staff's positive energy, enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, and laid a strong spiritual support and power source for promoting the Company to carry forward the past, forge ahead and achieve new successes.

☆ The Company's management ability has made further innovation and upgrading, successfully completed the 2018 full competition and salary adjustment work, started the production and technical system skills rating assessment work, enhanced the vitality of personnel, improved the overall quality, and stimulated the work energy.

☆  The research and development of the bridge arm reactor for Chongqing- Hubei DC back-to-back networking project firstly manufactured, which is the highest voltage grade and the largest transmission capacity in the world, passes the type test of 525kV/(1100ac+500dc) A/140mH bridge arm reactor by Chongqing - Hubei north passage. The project of Chongqing-Hubei-north passage is an epoch-making project, which creatively combines flexible DC technology with back-to-back smart technology to maximize the safety of the main grid and the reliability of power supply.  This product fully demonstrates the technical level of our company, which is of great significance to promote the strategic upgrade of reactor industry.

☆ The national grid corporation 1000 kV UHV AC and UHV substation expansion project shunt reactor 0.5 g seismic type test has been passed, which marks our reactor has achieved the highest seismic capacity in the reactor industry at home and abroad.

☆  In order to meet the technical requirements of the second ±500kV DC transmission project from Guizhou to Guangdong, a low noise filter reactor has been successfully developed and put into use, which has won high praise from the southern power grid company. The technology has become a national patent (201721246283.3).  The development of low noise filter reactor marks that our company has made breakthrough progress in overcoming the technical problems of reactor, and has made a positive contribution to promote the technological innovation of enterprises and improve the low environmental protection equipment.


☆  Complete the test, installation and debugging work of 800kV/6250A/50mH flat wave reactor with full independent intellectual property rights, which has been produced in mass, including Jiuquan-Hunan, North Shanxi-Nanjing±800kV UHVDC transmission project two national major DC project formally put into operation and hanging network operation; Ximeng-Taizhou 800 kV UHVDC transmission project and Shanghai Miao - Linyi 800 kV UHVDC transmission project of flat wave reactor and DC filter reactor that have been delivered.  The flat wave reactor is the hollow reactor with the largest capacity and the largest current in China at present, which can greatly improve the power transmission capacity of the existing UHVDC transmission project, indicating that our company has mastered the world's most advanced technology in the field of research and development of AC and DC transmission and transformation equipment, and the successful development of this product has important significance for promoting the development of UHVDC transmission project.


☆  The project results from "the development and application of series product for flexible DC transmission bridge arm reactor" were awarded with" the third prize of Xi'an city science and technology progress by the Xi'an municipal people's government, which fully shows that our company's core technology and independent intellectual property rights are recognized, marking that the company's technological innovation has made new achievements, but also has made a positive contribution to promote the innovation drive development strategy of Xi'an city, Xi'an city science and technology innovation ability.

☆  Our company has been awarded with the title of " strategic emerging industry star enterprise of Xi 'an high - tech zone in 2016" by the working Committee of Xi 'an high - tech zone and the administrative Committee of Xi 'an high - tech zone of the communist party of China, and won this important honor. It is the result of continuous cultivation and development by our company for many years, the crystallization of wisdom and sweat of all employees, as well as the full recognition of the company's major technological breakthroughs, enhancement of independent innovation capability and contribution to the high - tech zone, which provides greater confidence and power for the sustainable development of our company.


☆  The registered trademark of the dry reactor (known as "Zhongyang Electric") made our company is awarded with the title of " Shaanxi famous brand product" by the Shaanxi provincial people's government, with continuous access to this great honor, which is the symbol of enterprise strength, and represents that the company's reactor is at the forefront of the province's industry in product quality, market share, customer satisfaction, brand management, etc.; this is the praise and affirmation for the company to implement the brand development strategy, adhere to the "quality of enterprise" development path and pay attention to product quality and brand building for many years;  At the same time, it also further expand the company's popularity and market competitiveness.


☆  Our company has declared honor, science and technology, policy and other projects to Shaanxi province, Xi'an city and high-tech zone respectively, and the pass rate is relatively high, which has been unanimously recognized and supported by higher authorities. It has obtained "star enterprises of strategic emerging industries in high-tech zones", "national high-tech enterprises", "the first major equipment products project of Shaanxi Province in 2017", "key New Product Development Project of Shaanxi Province in 2017", "Xi'an Technology Innovation Project of 2017", "2016 Xi'an industry steady growth enterprise liquidity loan discount project" and other honorary titles and more than 200 million Yuan of funds for encouragement. This highlights the company's remarkable achievements in technological innovation, management innovation, greatly enhance the company's visibility and honor, but also encourage employees and enterprises to continue to grow rapidly.


☆  According to the overseas market strategy implementation plan, the independent business development in the global target market has achieved certain results, and has passed the corresponding qualification appraisal, marking the first step of our company's overseas strategy to be successfully achieved.

☆  In 2017, the sales revenue increased by 53.58% compared with the same period of last year, which broke through a new high in the history of development. It is not only the direct embodiment of the effect of our company's production and operation activities, but also the embodiment of our company's comprehensive ability in technology, market and management, as well as the achievement of the staff's hard work, which has important milestone significance.

☆ The Company signedUHV power transmission project contract with the State GridCorporation of China, including Xilinguole League-Taizhou±800kV extra-highvoltage DC transmission project, Shanghaimiao Town-Linyi ±800kV extra-highvoltage DC transmission project, Changji-Guquan ±1100kV extra-high voltage DCtransmission project, Chongqing-Hubei DC back-to-back networking project,Zhalute-Qingzhou ±800kV extra-high voltage DC transmission project and XilinguoleLeague-Shengli 1000kV extra-high voltage AC transmission project, whichindicates the Company’s technology and process level at the forefront of theelectric reactor industry and fully embodies the Company’s marketcompetitiveness in the industry.

☆ The production value in 2016 set a record, with an increase of 188.46% on yearon year basis. This not only examines the Company’s market, technology,management and production level and capacity, also lays a foundation for theCompany to expand the market and provides strong support for transformation andupgrading for Xi’an Zhongyang to go to the world.  

☆ The Company involved in construction of ±500kV Luxi back-to-back DCasynchronous networking project, which had been put into operation. This is thefirst project in China achieving asynchronous networking between the provincialgrid and a large regional grid and also the first back-to-back DC powertransmission project in the world adopting the mode combining high-capacity flexibleDC and conventional DC transmission, with the capacity of the flexible unit andthe DC voltage being the highest level in the world. 

☆ As the industrial standard, TechnicalRequirements for 10kV~110kV Dry Type Air-core Shunt Reactor T/CEC 130-2016,with the Company participating in its formulation, was approved and releasedfor implementation. This indicates that the Company’s scientific research levelachieves an industry-leading level and is of significance to fully implementthe brand strategy and technical standard strategy, promote steps of prosperingthe Company with technology and quality and further enhance its competitiveness.

☆ The Company successfully developed the pouring air-core reactor with structureof pancake windings and layer winding and achieves the structure design of thereactor with large inductance value but small size. This not only meetsrequirements to the reactor proposed by China Southern Power Grid, but fillsthe gap of this type of the reactor structure in China, also shows theCompany’s scientific and technological innovation capacity. 

☆ The technology- and policy-type project application is productive. In order to improveinnovation capacity and encourage enterprise to develop continuously and fast,the State supports enterprises to increase input to research and introducesrelevant preferential policies. The Technological Innovation Project of Xi’andeclared to Xi’an Municipal Industry and Information Committee, the appraisaland acceptance project of tech giants declared to Xi’anScience Technology Bureauand the first set of major equipment productproject in Shaanxi and the development project of Shaanxi’s major new projectsdeclared to Industry and Information Technology Department of Shaanxi Province,gained RMB 1.2155 million Yuan supporting funds,which gets research expenditureand increases economic income for the Company. In addition, the second batch ofsmall- and middle-sized enterprises with great progress in Shaanxi – “StarEnterprises of Industry” declared to Shaanxi Small and Middle-sized EnterprisesBureau, Xi’an Famous Trademark “Zhongyang Electric ZY” declared to Xi’anAdministration for Industry and Commerce and Shaanxi Famous Trademark“Zhongyang Electric ZY” declared to Shaanxi Administration for Industry andCommerce were approved, which wins honor for the Company and improves itspopularity in the industry and the society.

☆ According to arrangement of Xi’an Science Technology Bureau, the Companycompleted the pilot work of leading enterprise strategy formulation project ofXi’an technology enterprises giants, with the joint efforts with Xi’anXinkaimai Management Service Company and formed 2015-2020 strategic planning,which broadens thought for development and provides template for furtherformulation of the strategic planning.

☆ The management of archival work by objectives scored 96 in the fieldevaluation, which was the highest score in all the certified units in Xi’an andthe Company was identified as the “AAA Unit in Certification of Management ofArchival Work by Objectives” by Shaanxi Archives. As the intangible assets andimportant information resources, archives play an important role in providinginformation backup, data query and tracing of problems for operation of theCompany. The standard and regular management of the archival work plays asignificant role in various activities, such as operation, scientific research,technology, management and production. 

☆ Centering on the design requirements for volume production of smoothingreactor, the Company carried out the process improvement and innovation andachieved volume usage and promotion of new impregnators, design and promotionof stranded conductors winding tooling, design and promotion of fast loadingmould for large reactors and establishment and application of new epoxy systemformula, which improves the production technology level, product quality andproduction efficiency and ensures timely completion of volume production of newproducts. 

☆ The Company completed the filter reactors delivery in 5 convertors stations,including Nanjing station of ±800kV extra high voltage DC power transmission,Jiuquan station with the largest smoothing reactor in the worldand North ShanxiStation and products delivery in 5 stations, including Mengxi station, Jinanstation and Xilinguole League station in 1000kV extra high voltage AC project.Besides, the Company also completed trial production of the prototypes of twomodels of smoothing reactors for Shanghaimiao Town-Linyi ±800kV extra-highvoltage DC transmission project and Taizhou ±800kV extra-high voltage DCtransmission project and passed the indicators requirements for the type testsconducted by a third party (Transformer Laboratory of Shenyang TransformerResearch Institute –the only national level transformer quality supervision andinspection agency in China), which indicates that the Company is fully equippedwith capacity for the whole set of type test and volume production of this typeof products and the Company’s science research capacity and test level cantotally adapt to requirements of new products. 

☆ Throughsupervision and approval of the environment and occupational health safetysystems and renewal of certificate of the qualify system, the Company’senvironment management system meets the standard of GB/T24001-2004IdtlSO14001:2004, the occupational health safety management system meets thestandard of GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS18001:2007 and the quality management systemmeets the standard of GB/TI9001-2008/ISO9001:2008. This indicates the abovementioned management systems in the Company is under continuous control,improvement and efficiency, the management system satisfies the standards and operateseffectively, awareness of staff’s environmental protection, occupational healthand quality management is strengthened obviously, the managementlevel isimproved further and various risks are controlled effectively. 

☆ TheCompanyhas won thebidding of major national DC project, including ±800kVUltra-High Voltage DCTransmissionProjectof Jiuquan - Hunan and Northern Shanxi - Nanjing. In the project, thereare 24 sets ofsmoothing reactors, 4 convertor stations, 201 sets of filterreactors, 21 sets of dry parallelair reactors,becoming a newmilestone of Companydevelopmentprocess. The accumulative amount of sales contract order in 2015 has reached RMB500-millionyuan, which promotes the Company to step in the rank of major enterprise.  

☆  The Xiamen Bipolar ConnectionFlexible DC Transmission Project with the highest voltage class and maximumtransmission capacityin the world in which the Company has participated; thisproject has further enhanced the leading position of our Company in the flexibleDC transmission technologies within the domestic electric reactor industry.

☆ It has firstly completedthe full-scale type shock tests of CKDGKL-9600/110-12series reactor and BKDGKL-80000/110paralleling reactor which fills in gaps of type testsfor dry parallelairreactors. 

☆  From July 1 to December31 in 2015, the Company has carried out the labor contests themed with “productionincrease, intensifying quality, skill competition, energy consumption decreaseand safety guarantee” for 6 months. It has achieved the goal of RMB181.86901million yuan production value and has manufactured 1068 sets of electricreactors.

☆ The success developmentof water cooing saturation reactor for converter valve made us become the thirdmanufacturer capable of independently manufacturing such reactor in China.

☆ The legal affairs hasobvious efficiency. As the legal concept enjoys popular support, the Companyoperates according to laws, the awareness of staff to act by law is enhanced.The legal consulting becomes a necessary tool and assistant of the Company andstaff. They activelymaintains the Company’s legal interest and havesaved the economicloss of RMB1.52 million yuan for the Company in 2015.

☆ The financing amounthas reached RMB46 million yuan. It applied for the debt financing subsidy of science-and-technologyenterprise, adopted multiple forms of funding and financing, and effectivelyguaranteed the normal operation of production and management.

☆ The first post-doctorjointly trained by postdoctoral workstation and Xi’an Jiaotong University has successfullyfinished the related training whose research subject has been applied in the thermalcalculation on smoothing reactortemperature fieldwhich has filled in gaps oftheCompanyin the fundamental research of this field.

☆  It has fully mobilizedall positive factors and rapidly realized the “soft landing” of windingprocess. In case of inadequate staff for winding process, ten more staff withrich winding experience in different job postsvolunteered to support thewinding work which not only passedpositive energy to all staff, but ensured thenormal production schedule.

☆  From August 15 to 16, new product & national scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting appraised and presided over by the Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Machinery Industry and State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company was successfully held. At this meeting, newly developed products such as PKDGKL-800-5000-50W dry type air-core smoothing reactor, CKDGKL-8660 / 110-12W series reactor and BKDGKL-80000/110 shunt reactor were appraised and reviewed. It was concluded that “product main performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products. Such products pass the product technical appraisal and can be approved to mass production”. The appraisal meeting is another milestone after the first product appraisal meeting in 1993, which marks another major breakthrough in products and technologies.  

☆The first PWM filter complete set equipment was successfully completed. This represents new attempt in materials and spare parts procurement, equipment assembly, testing, etc., marks the business development from specialization to depth field and opens a new era in equipment design and production. It is a milestone in the development history of the company.

☆110KV dry type air-core shunt reactor BKGKL-80000/110 used in the Northern Zhejiang - Fuzhou 110kV UHV power transmission project was normally delivered and running. All indicators are in full compliance with project requirements. The dry type air-core shunt reactor has the highest level AC voltage and largest capacity in china. Its related technology has reached advanced domestic level.

☆Xiluodu - western Zhejiang ± 800KV UHVDC transmission project officially put into operation. The network operation of smoothing product in Shuanglong station marks that we have mastered the world cut-edging technology in AC and DC power transmission equipment research and development field.

☆The world's first 5-terminal HVDC flexible project - Zhoushan ± 200KV HVDC multi-terminal flexible went into  commissioning. The successful application of flexible HVDC power reactor independently developed in this project marks the company’s entry into the domestic leading level of flexible HVDC technology.

 ☆Xiluodu - western Zhejiang ± 800kv UHVDC Transmission Project dry type air-core smoothing reactors was successfully completed and had been put operation in network, filling the gap in this field.

☆The first flexible HVDC contract –- Zhoushan ± 200KV HVDC flexible national demonstration project was signed, marking the company’s entry into the flexible HVDC field.

☆In terms of international market, the company achieved sales operations with many countries: its products firstly entered the United States, Sudan, Indonesia, Australia and other countries, securing its position in the international market.

☆Having passed the supplier qualification examination by the US General Electric group, the company became one dry type reactor supplier of GE, further expanding the international market and expanding the influence of the industry.

☆In September, the first post-doctoral center was established.

☆In October, the company moved to No. 90, Jinye 1st Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an. Its production conditions and capacity was further improved, meeting the rapid development requirements of the power industry.

☆In the Qinghai- Tibet DC/AC networking project, the company provided AC filter reactor used in the± 400kV DC transmission project and 40Mvar dry type shunt reactors used in the 750kV substation, and cooperated the owners to complete the installation and commissioning. The Qinghai- Tibet DC/AC networking project won the “Luban Prize”.

☆The dry type shunt reactor (BKGKL-80000 / 110W) and dry series reactor (CKGKL-8660 / 110-12W) used in the 1000kV AC UHV transmission project were designed and trial produced, and obtained the product type experiment report issued by Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute.

☆ All bids for 163 sets of filter reactors in the “± 800kV Nuozhadu Power Station to Guangdong HVDC Transmission Project” invited by the China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. was won, consolidating our company’s position in the field of UHV market.

☆  New progress was made in the overseas market: negotiations and signing were conducted with the United States, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Canada and Korea.

☆Smoothing reactor prototype successfully passed the type test. The test results showed that the company’s smoothing reactors could meet customer requirements.

☆Satisfactory achievements have been made in the technology research and development: “EHV and UHV DC transmission dry type PLC reactors” obtained the third place in the Xi'an Science and Technology Progress Award; the dry type iron-core shunt reactor (BKSC-15000 / 35) with highest voltage and maximum capacity was developed and put into formal operation successfully; experimental study was conducted on the online temperature measurement approaches of shunt reactors (optical temperature measurement method);  the design of iron-core series reactor (shunt reactor) series products were optimized and transferred from aluminum wire winding to silicon chip, so as to reduce product material costs and improve the  core competitiveness of the reactor; technology program “compact dry type air-core shunt reactor arrangement” passed the provincial design review; “Qinghai-Tibet DC project filter circuit” technical solutions passed expert review of the State Grid Corporation.

☆The national standard “HVDC dry type air-core smoothing reactors (GB / 25092/2010)” was officially issued. The company participated in the drafting of the standard.

☆The company won bides for such projects as Yan’an 750kV substation, Yuheng 750kV substation, Riyueshan 750kV substation, Golmud 750kV substation, Yellow River 750kV substation, Fenghuang 750kV substation, north Urumqi 750kV substation, consolidating the company’s leading position in the 750kV field; wherein, the contract of air-core series reactor with  6163.2KVar capacity used in the 750kv Yellow river AC project signed with the Guirong company is the largest capacity air-core series reactor the company has done.

☆The company won 35KV-15000KVar tower 220kV substation shunt reactor core, filling its gaps in 35kV iron-core shunt reactors. It was successfully developed and delivered to customers in this year.

☆Dry type smoothing reactor prototype used in the UHV DC power transmission was trial produced.