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    【Abstract】:Recently,Zhongyang arranged a recruitment meeting with fresh graduates of 2017. Tengraduates were strictly screened, assessed and recruited on a selective basisby personnel procedures, of which, there are students with 6 masters degreeand 4

        Recently,Zhongyang arranged a recruitment meeting with fresh graduates of 2017. Tengraduates were strictly screened, assessed and recruited on a selective basisby personnel procedures, of which, there are students with 6 master's degreeand 4 with bachelor’s degree from famous universities of China such as Xi'anJiaotong University, Northwest Polytechnic University, Northwest University andShandong University.

        At the meeting, we briefly introduced Zhongyang’s management ideas, enterprisecultures, talent construction, technology and products and future prospects forstudents, and made specific arrangements of induction training and practices.The graduate representative Wei Jianqing used three key words to express thefeeling himself: appreciation, astonishment and promise. First, appreciate theleadership of the enterprise to give graduates the chances to enter this bigfamily, so that we successfully started our careers. Secondly, when visitingthe entire park and production plant of the enterprise, students wereastonished by witnessing the world's top electric reactor so that they arehonored to become a member of Zhongyang Electric Enterprise. Thirdly, as amember of Zhongyang Electric, they promised to adhere to the responsibility ofheart, dare to take our responsibility, love this enterprise as love thisenterprise as our own family, have mutual improvement together with ZhongyangElectric.

        The technical deputy general manager Wang Lin welcomed students to join ZhongyangElectric team, and hoped that they can gradually clear their own developmentdirections and study knowledge in order to apply it in their own workplaces.She combined herself with her own work experiences to tell the new staffs thatit needs to get themselves down when doing works, learn more and ask more,start from little things and accumulate more working experiences, and stabilizeeach step in every task.

        Vice President of Management Chen Qi said thattoday the new employees are identified as high-qualified resources among thestudents, they should be aware of appreciation and cherish the work platformprovided by Zhongyang Electric. Since the establishment of the enterprise,graduates of all previous years have got work experiences and had a developmentin different professional fields and business positions after entering theworkplaces. They have combined their professional knowledge with practices, persistingto increase their value, furthered personal values as an important role,developed and stepped forward together with the enterprise. When stepping in anew start of life, we started at the same beginning, but time and process willdistinguish your work abilities and duties. Therefore, all of theseachievements, will depend on yourselves, because there is no such thing as easyand simple one, when someone really wants to do good jobs, the enterprise hasmany development chances. Hope that every new staff can be modest and steady,curious and pragmatic, dutiful and try their best to do great efforts to theenterprise in the future.

        Chief Engineer Huang Shanxi shared his ownexperience of first entering the workplace for graduates, which is mainlysummarized as three points: Firstly, do not disdain to do trivial things andwhen at the early work period, be good at thinking, study in-depth, accumulateexperiences gradually from quantitative changes to qualitative changes, and tryto make yourself to be a specialist in the field. Secondly, you also need remainactive in learning when at works, consciously make up for missing knowledge toimprove work abilities and levels. Thirdly, your major and your practical worksare absolutely two things. As long as we get a clear understanding of the workplatform, we only need to work hard, do not care too much professional and itslimitations, and do your preference, which also can make you greatachievements.

        General Manager Shu Liang warmly welcomes theenterprise's new staffs, thanked everyone for choosing Zhongyang Electric. Hebriefly introduce not only the history of the enterprise’s development andentrepreneurship, but also the promising current tendency of the industry.After that, he pointed out that the company's technology and products will befurther strategic to the international market, therefore, graduates should be proudof becoming one of the staff in Zhongyang Electric. The enterprise's philosophyis to do the best and have top technology in the industry. Finally, we hopedthe new staff can quickly adapt to the enterprise and its management styles,together to developing new projects and do great things and practical works,with leading technology to maintain qualified service brand and industrystatus. Once again he welcomed everyone to work together and make greatachievement with Zhongyang Electric!


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