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    Time:2019-05-27 16:59Source:未知Browse volume:

    【Abstract】:On July 25, Shu Yang,the party branch secretary and the general manager of Xian Zhongyang Electric Co., Ltd.(Zhongyang Company), along with the member of the branch committee Chen Qi and two other persons of the company, went to Erxianqiao

      On July 25, Shu Yang, the party branch secretary and the general manager of Xi’an Zhongyang Electric Co., Ltd. (Zhongyang Company), along with the member of the branch committee Chen Qi and two other persons of the company, went to Erxianqiao Village, Wangchuan Town, Lantian, Shaanxi Province, seeing the poverty alleviation project results of the village, and bringing some easements like millet and cooking oil to the people who live there on behalf of the party branch of the company.

        Erxianqiao Village is the poverty village receiving the counterpart support of the high-tech zone. Under the unrimitting efforts of the task force in charge of helping village and the support from the high-tech zone management committee, the village has been equipped with the telecommunication network, the village road has been renovated, and the black fungus greenhouses has been built, soil bees, pigs, chickens and other breeding industries have also achieved good results. As an enterprise in the high-tech zone, in recent years, the party branch of Zhongyang Company has been paying close attention to the progress of poverty alleviation project of high-tech zone, taking making some practical work for poverty alleviation as an important task of party building.

        In the village, Wei Haiping, the first secretary of the village from the high-tech zone first introduced the basic situation of the village to Shu Liang and his team, overcoming process of difficulties and achieved results of the village's poverty alleviation work over the past one year. Shu Liang greatly appreciated the hard work and achievements of Wei Haiping and the poverty alleviation team as well as the efforts of high-tech zone in poverty alleviation. He also said: “On the way here, we found that there were landslides and rocks in many places. It was difficult for people to walk, and is also dangerous. This is the same as poverty alleviation work which is also full of difficulties. It is not easy go through, and there are always ups and downs all the time. If there is anything our company can do to help, we will try our best to do something for this poverty alleviation project.” Wei Haiping accepted the easements that the company brought on behalf of the two committees of the village and thanked the company for taking them to the village.

        Under the leadership of Wei Haiping, Shu Liang and his team visited the black fungus greenhouses, the soil bee breeding base, and learned from the villagers about their current living conditions and their participation in poverty alleviation projects, as well as the sales of agricultural products such as corn, honey and pork and chicken. Shu Liang immediately promised that the company would purchase black fungus of nearly RMB 30,000 to assisting in boosting sales.

        After visiting some other projects, Shu Liang congratulated Wei Haiping and his team for leading the villagers to carry out so many projects, and achievements over just one year, and wished that all poverty alleviation projects could bring long-term benefits to the villagers.

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