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  • The interim duty visit meeting of the 2018 middle and senior management had successfully concluded

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    【Abstract】:On July 26, the 2018 interim duty visit meetingof the 2018 middle and senior management washeld in the conference room on the third floor of the scientific research building. Twenty-threemiddle and senior officials attended the meeting,incl

    On July 26, the 2018 interim duty visit meeting of the 2018 middle and senior management was held in the conference room on the third floor of the scientific research building. Twenty-three middle and senior officials attended the meeting, including Shu Liang, the general manager, Huang Shanxi, the chief technology officer, Chen Qi, the deputy general manager of management, Li Chunli, the chief accountant, Wang Lin, the deputy general manager of technology, Wang Yaohui, the chief engineer, He Guanglin, the general technologist, Wang Lijun, the deputy chief engineer and Xia Liyan, the general manager assistant. It was hosted by Chen Qi, the deputy general manager of management.

        At the meeting, the chief engineer, deputy chief engineer, technical department, technology department, process department, quality department, production department, materials department, workshop 1, workshop 2, overseas business department, finance department and management department reported their work in order. The heads of every department comprehensively and objectively summarized the work content and experience of the first half of the year, analyzed the existing shortcomings and problems, and proposed the improvement measures and work plans for the second half of the year. In the reporting, they have clear priorities, highlight key points, and emphasize on details. This short but effective time is used to show the detailed work contents of the department in the first half of the year, but also to highlight its outstanding achievements, elaborate the quantified work target and list the plans and measures of the second half year.


        When it comes to the comment part, the chief technology officer Mr. Huang stressed three major issues in his speaking. First, we should pay attention to the training of the talent team: With the continuous development and expansion of the company, the requirements for talents are getting higher and the needs for talents are getting more as well. All the departments of the company must pay attention to the training and construction of talents, so that the new employees can get to fill a role right away; in the meantime, the training of young people should try to focus on their own expertise. They should be encouraged to learn more and persevere after work, such as learning English and improving self-skills. Second, we should attach importance to technology improvement and innovation; as a high-tech enterprise, the company has stepped into the threshold of a large enterprise, the product quality requirement should be 100% guaranteed, new technique and new process should be focused on as well. Third, we should be proactive to the next step of work, planning ahead.

        First, the general manager Shu Liang affirmed the work of each department in the first half of the year, and pointed out that with the development of the company's ultra-high pressure projects in recent years, the operating environment has been improved greatly in all aspects; in accordance with the strategic goal of the company's external development and going out, the external environment has increasingly high requirements on the company, and the company should keep pace with the times on the technology and management levels. He is full of confidence in the prospect and development of foreign trade, and requires all departments, especially for the production system, to improve the production and office environment and production level, reserve talents to build a good team and lay a foundation for the next year. Besides, he gave full recognition to the management and business work of the financial department. The cost accounting system is relatively complex, and further efforts should be made in the next step of work. Meanwhile, he also emphasized the importance of team construction, requiring paying attention to the ideological dynamics of employees, emphasizing spiritual motivation, and establishing and improving the company's incentive mechanism to activate the people's potential.

        Through the interim duty visit meeting, the middle and senior management better understand the work of other departments, and also get a good opportunity for learning and communication. In the next step of work, all departments will continue to work hard and conscientiously carry out all kinds of work, and make more outstanding contributions to the company's thirtieth anniversary.

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