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  • China is building 7 ultra high voltage (UHV) projects

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    【Abstract】:China is building 7 ultra high voltage (UHV) projects In the United Nations Development Summit held in New York recently, Chairman Xi Jinping proposed an initiative to explore the construction of global energy Internet, and promote clean an

    China is building 7 ultra high voltage (UHV) projects

    In the United Nations Development Summit held in New York recently, Chairman Xi Jinping proposed an initiative to explore the construction of global energy Internet, and promote clean and green way to meet the global demand for electricity. What is the strategic significance of the idea to energy development of China and the world? What is the basis of construction? How to advance the future national grid? The reporter has interviewed the board chairman and party secretary of State Grid Corporation of China Liu Zhenya. - According to Xinhua News Agency.

    Promote global clean and green sustainable development

    “The initiative of general secretary Xi Jinping on exploring the construction of global energy Internet is a historical transcendence and major innovation of the traditional energy development concept, highlighting the profound thinking and strong mission to human future and destiny, and opening up a new pattern for energy development of the world.” Liu Zhenya said.

    The idea of global energy Internet is based on resource shortage, environmental pollution, climate change and other global challenges caused by large-scale development and utilization of fossil energy, and the increasingly serious problem of fossil energy human society is facing.

    Relevant data show that, in 2014, the proven reserves of coal, oil and natural gas of the world could only be exploited for 110 years, 53 years and 54 years respectively. In addition, fossil energy consumption each year is emitting 320 tons of carbon dioxide, 1.2 tons of sulfur dioxide and 1 ton of nitrogen oxide, bringing serious environmental pollution and climate change issues.

    Compared with fossil energy, clean energy reserves are abundant. According to statistics, global hydropower resources exceed 10 billion KW, land wind energy resources exceed 1,000 billion KW, solar energy resources exceed 10 billion KW, and only 0.05% development of them can meet the energy needs of human society in the future.

    “The traditional way of energy development is difficult to continue, and clean energy to replace fossil energy will be the trend.” Liu Zhenya said, the initiative of general secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of global energy Internet is the only way for energy development of the world, which will certainly promote sustainable development of global green and clean energy.

    The essence of the global energy Internet is “ultra high voltage (UHV) grid + ubiquitous smart grid + clean energy”. He said, only by building global energy Internet can achieve large-scale development, configuration and efficient use of clean energy, and thus accelerate the “two substitutions”, that is, implement clean energy substitution in energy development, substitute fossil energy with hydropower, solar energy, wind energy and other clean energies, so as to promote energy structure from fossil energy to clean energy; implement electric energy substitution in energy consumption, substitute coal with electricity, substitute oil with electricity, electricity is from afar through clean power generation, and increase the proportion of terminal energy consumption, which is the permanent solution for solving energy security, environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions of the world.

    UHV and smart grid construction is an important platform for building global energy Internet

    Liu Zhenya believes that, the next few decades will be the key period for building a global energy Internet, and the overall can be divided into the three stages of domestic interconnection, intracontinental interconnection and intercontinental interconnection. From now to 2020, accelerate and advance clean energy development of all countries and domestic interconnected power grid and smart grid construction; by 2030, promote the development of intracontinental large-scale energy base and transnational interconnected power grid; by 2050, accelerate the development of “One Pole and One Equator” energy base, so as to achieve intercontinental power grid interconnection, and basic completion of global energy Internet.

    At present, our country has made breakthroughs in the development of ultra high voltage, smart grid, clean energy promotion and other aspects. Ultra high voltage AC power transmission key technologies, complete set equipment and engineering application have been awarded special award in National Science and Technology Progress Award, achieving “Created in China” and “Led by China”. A number of major innovative smart grid projects have been completed. China has become the power grid with the largest scale in wind power grid and the fastest growing photovoltaic power generation in the world. The power grid technology equipment and safe operation level of China have entered into the international advanced ranks. 9 UHV projects (“Three Crossings and Six Straights”) have been completed, and 7 UHV projects (“Four Crossings and Three Straights”) are under construction.

    The successful practice of UHV and smart grid in China has laid an important foundation for building the global energy Internet. Liu Zhenya said, “China has successfully mastered the UHV AC and DC power transmission technologies, the transmission distance of 1,000 KV ultra high voltage AC power can reach 1,500 km, the transmission distance of ±1100 KV ultra high voltage DC power can reach 5,000 km, and the distances between major clean energy bases and load centers in the world are within the transmission range of ultra high voltage.”

    In addition, the interconnection development trend of global grid is obvious. In North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and Gulf countries, a number of transnational interconnected power grids have been formed, and some intercontinental interconnection schemes are also in progress, which will effectively promote the construction of the global energy Internet.

    According to estimates, after the global energy Internet is completed, it can replace the fossil energy equal to 240 tons of standard coal each year, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide for 670 tons, and the emission of carbon dioxide can be controlled at about 115 tons, only half of that in 1990, being able to achieve the target of controlling global warming in 2℃.

    Unite powerful force to build the global energy Internet

    The energy structure in China is dominated by coal, the emission of carbon dioxide is large in total volume, fast in growth and high in peak, and carbon emissions are facing a huge challenge. The United States issued a “Clean Electric Power Plan” in August this year, proposing that American electric power industry should reduce 32% carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 based on 2005. The plan is seen as “the biggest and most important step” for the United States to address climate change, which has won initiative for US in climate negotiations, and has brought a huge pressure to our country. Liu Zhenya said, the construction of global energy Internet is a road innovation for global response to climate change challenges, and it is also a strategic choice for our country to crack emission reduction dilemma.

    It is expected that, by 2020, hydropower, wind power, solar power generation equipment of our country will reach 350 million KW, 240 million KW and 100 million KW respectively, mainly distributed in North and West China, and requiring optimal allocation and consumption nationally.

    Liu Zhenya said, the development of UHV and smart grid is the key to building a global energy Internet. We must accelerate the construction of “Four Crossings and Four Straights” and subsequent “Five Crossings and Eight Straights” UHV projects that have been included into the national air pollution control action plan, and build the national power grid into a world first-class power grid with strong grid structure, extensive interconnection, highly intelligent, and open interaction, so as to play a leading role model in building a global energy Internet.

    Our country is promoting the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, which will accelerate energy and power infrastructure interconnection between our country and the neighboring countries, and boost intracontinental interconnection. Liu Zhenya said, the next step is to accelerate the interconnection projects with Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Burma, Laos, Nepal, Thailand and other neighboring countries, with ten years to achieve the basic realization of interconnection with neighboring countries. Complete BeloMonte hydropower first and second phase ultra high voltage transmission projects in Brazil, so as to promote the application of UHV technology in the world.

    The promotion of the idea of global energy Internet is still facing many realistic problems. For example, in the short term, the overall cost of wind power and solar power is still higher than fossil energy; the construction of global energy Internet requires a lot of capital investment and feasible business model, involving cooperation between many countries and other issues.

    Liu Zhenya hopes to promote the development of global energy Internet as soon as possible through building a global energy Internet exchange platform and uniting the relevant international organizations. “I believe that along with the progress of technology and the deepening of exchanges and cooperation between the countries, the global energy Internet will make the day that ‘everyone can enjoy sustainable energy’ come soon.”

    Executive editor: He Shifan 

    Source of this paper: China Jiangxi News Network - Information Daily