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    Time:2019-05-27 11:50
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    Brief introduction of equipment:Dry Type Air-Core Reactor Dry Type Air-Core Reactor I. Categorization and Usage of Dry-Type Air-Core Reactor 1. Dry-type air-core series reactor The reactor that connected to capacitor by shunt connection in electricity system for the aims

    Device Details

    Dry Type Air-Core Reactor

    Dry Type Air-Core Reactor

    I. Categorization and Usage of Dry-Type Air-Core Reactor


    1.      Dry-type air-core series reactor

    The reactor that connected to capacitor by shunt connection in electricity system for the aims of inhibiting waveform distortion of network voltage, controlling harmonic component goes through the capacitor, and limit inrush phenomenon of capacitor bank. (DL462- 92)



    Dry-Type Air-CoreShunt Reactor

    2.Dry-type air-core shunt reactor


    The reactor isconnected between phase and earthing, between phase and neutral point, orbetween phases of electricity system to compensate capacitive current.(GB1094.6)

    In August, 2014,the BKDGKL- 80000/ 110 extra- voltage AC engineering- oriented Dry-Type Air-Coreshunt reactor developed by the Company was approved on National ScientificAccomplishment Authentication Congress and successfully granted withAuthentication Certificate of New Products and New Technologies.


    Dry-Type Air-Core Shunt Reactor

    3.Phase-controlledshunt reactor


    Phase- controlledreactor enables stable reactive capacity of the system by conducting regulationon sentimental reactive capacity absorbed by the reactor by triggering phasecontrol on thyristor in accordance with reactive changes of the system. 



    The reactor is connected to electricalsystem by series connection to limit fault current in the system.



    The reactor thatconnected between the neutral point and the earthing and limit earthing currentvalue to rated level when system is under earthing failure. (GB1094.4)



    The reactorconnected to capacitor by series or shunt connection so as to reduce or blockharmonic or control signal (pulse signal) with frequency reaches 10 kHz.(GB1094.6)

    As for filter bypasses,inductance value of reactors are usually required to be controllable withincertain range so as to realize accurate tuning. Dry-Type Air-Core filterreactor enables the following inductance regulation methods: 1. Continuous andsmooth inductance regulation, with regulation rage ±5% of the rated inductancecapacity. Such regulation mode divides each reactor into upper reactor andlower reactor by its structure, and performs smooth regulation on totalinductance value by adjusting distance between the upper and lower reactor. TheCompany will provide 1 free set of specialized regulation tools together withthe product so as to facilitate on- site regulation. 2. Arrange several tapterminals on the coil in accordance with range requirement, and recognizeinductance value of several fixed range within the overall inductance range.Such regulation mode may e realized by arranging fixed winding tap on eachphase by its structure. The conductor is only required to be connected tocorresponding tap terminal when certain inductance value is required.

    Dry-Type Air-CoreFilter Reactor


    It is a reactorconnected to the direct current system in series to reduce alternating currentelement and transient state over-current. (GB1094.6) 

    In August 2014,PKDGKL-800-5000-50 dry-type air-core smoothing reactor developed by our Companypassed the national science and technology result appraising meeting,successfully granted the appraisal and acceptance certificate for new productsand new technologies.

    Dry-typeair-core smoothing reactor
    Smoothing reactor is usedfor the direct current circuit after rectification. Due to the pulse numberlimitation of the rectification circuit, the output straightening voltage iswith ripple all the time, which is harmful generally, needing the smoothingreactor to restrict. The converter stations of the direct current transmissionare all equipped with smoothing waves reactor, therefore the output directcurrent is close to the ideal direct current.
    Smoothing reactor anddirect current harmonic filter will constitute the direct current harmonicfilter circuit on the direct current side of the high voltage direct currentconverter station. Generally, the smoothing reactor is concatenated between thedirect current output terminal and direct current circuit of every converter;it is one of the important devices of high voltage direct current converter.
    Smoothing reactor anddirect current harmonic filter form the direct current T-type harmonicfiltering network, to reduce the alternating-current ripple components andfilter part of the harmonic, reduce the communication interference along thedirect current circuit and avoid the harmonic unstable the adjustment.Smoothing reactor may prevent the steep wave generated by the direct currentcircuit hitting into the valve hall,and prevent the converter valve from thevoltage damage. When there is some fault occurred of converter, may avoid thesecondary commutation failure, which may reduce the commutation failure ratioof the converter caused by the alternating-current reduction.
    Our company providessmoothing reactors for the following national key projects:

    Left bank of Xiluodu - Zhejiang Jinhua±800kV Ultra-high Voltage DC Transmission Project

    Jiuquan - Hunan ±800kV Ultra-highVoltage DC Transmission Project

    Shanxi Jinbei - Jiangsu Nanjing ±800kVUltra-high Voltage DC Transmission Project

    Ximeng- Taizhou ±800kV Ultra-highVoltage DC Transmission Project

    Shanghaimiao - Linyi ±800kV Ultra-highVoltage DC Transmission Project

    The models of the smoothing reactormanufactured by our company include:





    Model description: 

    Description of parameters: 


    8.Bridgearm reactor

    Each bridge armof the current converter structure is connected to one reactor in series, so itis called bridge arm reactor.

    Leakagereactance of the bridge arm reactor and that of the transformer at thealternating current side work together to become the conversion currentresistance in the converter station, which is the link of power transferbetween the current converter and the alternating current system, and controlspower transfer, filters, and restrains current fluctuation at the alternatingcurrent side.

    Dry-typeair-core bridge arm reactor



    It is a reactor connected to a parallel capacitor in series to restrictswitch-in rush current in this capacitor and restrain outside inrush current orharmonic elimination of power-up capacitor in case of any fault in the neararea or switchover of adjacent capacitors so as to avoid other reactors whereresonance occurs in the power system. (GB1094.6)




    II. Characteristics ofdry-type air-core reactor 


    1.Coilsconsist of several cylindraceous encapsulations in parallel, encapsulated withlong glass silks and beams varnished by epoxy resin adhesive solution. Theybecome solid and dense glass reinforced plastic structures after solidificationin high temperature, with good overall performance and low-level noise in therunning state.


    2.Roundaluminum (or copper) wires of relatively small cross section are adopted aswires, which effectively reduces eddy-current loss in the wires; and films ofgood insulativity are applied to turn insulation of wires.

    3.The surface of the reactor is coveredwith silicon organic varnish which is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, withgood weather resistance;

    4.Leadingpull rods of polyester glass fiber are applied to the space among coils of thereactor as the axial air passage for heat dissipation, with good heatdissipation conditions;

    5.Whentemperature rise is calculated for the reactor, hot-point temperature-rise andaverage temperature rise of coils are fully taken into consideration withsufficient allowance reserved so that the reactor can operate safely for a longtime;


    6.Becausethe parallel structure is mostly applied to air-core reactors, voltage in thedirection of coil height is evenly distributed in the stable working voltage;

    7.Argonarc welding is applied to electrical connection of incoming and outgoing linesof the reactor. There is no fastening parts on the coil structure, improvingreliability of equipment operation greatly;

    8.Thereactor is of simple and compact structure and can operate in the outdoorweather conditions for a long time, with easy and convenient maintenance ofequipment;

    9.“kvar”value of unit weight of the reactor is relatively large.


    III. Service conditions ofdry-type air-core reactor


    1. Service place: outdoors or indoors(There must be good airing conditions when it is used indoors);

    2. Ambient temperature of service: -40o-+45o;

    3. Altitude: 1000m (Description shall be given when an order isplaced if the altitude exceeds 1000m.);

    4. There shall be no toxic gas, steam,and conductive or explosive dust on the installation site;

    5. Other special environmental andgeographical conditions required to be described.

    IV. Executive standard


    GB 311.1 InsulationCoordination   Part 1: Definitions,Principles and Rules

    GB/T 311.2 Insulation Coordination   Part 2: Insulation Coordination ServiceGuide for High-voltage Transmission Equipment

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    GB 1094.2 Power Transformer   Part 2: Temperature Rise

    GB 1094.3 PowerTransformer   Part 3: Insulation Level,Insulation Test and Air Gap of External Insulation

    GB/T 1094.4 Power Transformer   Part 4: Test Guide for Lightening ImpulseWave and Operation Impulse Wave of Power Transformer and Reactor

    GB 1094.5 Power Transformer   Part 5: Capability of Bearing Short Circuit

    GB/T 1094.6 Power Transformer   Part 6: Reactor

    GB/T 1094.10 Power Transformer   Part 10: Sound Level Measurement

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    GB/T 3955 Round Aluminum Wires for Electrician

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    GB/T 50064 Design Specification for Over VoltageProtection of Alternating Current Electrical Apparatus and InsulationCoordination

    GB/T 50065 Grounding Design Specification forAlternating Current Electrical Apparatus

    GB 50227 Design Specification for Parallel Capacitor Apparatus

    JB/T 5346 Series Reactorfor High-voltage ParallelCapacitor

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    DL 462 Technical Conditionsfor Ordering Series Reactor for High-voltage Parallel Capacitor

    DL/T 1284 Service Guide for 500kV Dry-type Air-coreCurrent-limiting Reactor


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