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    I. Pre-sales Technical Support

      When you choose the product of Xi’an Zhongyang Electric Co., Ltd., if you meet the following problems or need any assistance, please contact with technical support engineer of marketing department.

      1、 You need to learn about the characteristics of all kinds of reactors as soon as possible, such as performance, electric parameter, usable range, wiring mode in order to choose them;

      2、  The electric parameter, reactor types (air-core, semi-core, iron-core) and arrangement form have been confirmed, the assembly outline drawing of reactor is required.

      3、The description of technical contents in tender documents of Xi’an Zhongyang Electric Co., Ltd. is unclear or something wrong which is needed to be modified.

      4、The contract and technology agreement have been signed, however, if the scheme has been changed, you need to understand related technical problems caused by it. 

      5、The related technical problems are about line trapper, discharge coil.

      We will provide you with a warm and thoughtful service, thanks very much for so many years of supports.

    II. Flow of Outline Drawing

      If the customer has the tender requirements or intention to place an order, and after signing the contract, our company shall provide assembly outline drawing of reactor to confirm the size, installation way, installation dimension, angle of outgoing line and others of reactor, in order to ensure the customer has a smooth channel when using the drawing, provide the flow of outline drawing.