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  •  Xi’an Zhongyang Electric Co., Ltd. adheres to the service customer as the highest business concept,  it combines the random acceptance of the complaint settlement and actively return visit for customer, in order to understand and meet customer requirements, actively improving the quality of product and service, we actively pay a visit to the customer, making the customer satisfaction as the principle of service marketing work.

       Marketing department of Xi’an Zhongyang Electric Co., Ltd. is the centralized management department of after-sales service of product; its customer service branch is responsible for the daily work such as user return visit, product maintenance, and customer complaints. After-sales service is to deliver the customer-centric concept; we start to establish files for customer when signing the product contract, pay attention to collect an solve the customer requirements, the technicians who have rich production experience solve the requirements and questions of customer, to avoid such a thing happening again. We are committed to customer service in each section such as pre-sales, on-sales and after-sales.

    Contents of marketing service-

    1. Consultation service between the selection of users and signing the contract;

    2. Consultation service between the use and maintenance of products;

    3. Insurance service of products, if the customer need, we can provide the property insurance business of products;

    4. On-site service: the guidance, installation, test of product stipulated in the contract;

    5. Unscheduled user return visit work: in order to understand the service condition of product and other requirements of user;

    6. Acceptance and disposition of after-sales complaints: defects of accessory, abnormity of product, and maintenance of product and so on;

    7. Recycle: The reactors cannot be used by user, our company can provide recycling service.

    8. Paid maintenance service of product: it refers to the quality of products which is not our scope of maintenance service, such as: multiple spray of exterior insulation RTV glue, installation of umbrella of reactor which has no umbrella, repair of damaged reactor which caused by some accidents, cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of early reactors which are different manufacturers, change of damaged supporting insulator, etc. This kind of service is not limited the product produced by Xi’an Zhongyang Electric Co., Ltd., at the same time,  it is not limited to the operation of the reactor.

    9. Training service: it refers to the training of specialty knowledge about the installation, inspection, maintenance of reactor provided by technicians in charge of maintenance operation.

    This after-sales service manual is a guide for the safe operation of the work, which apply to the company's products. In order to guarantee the products get the correct installation and use, please read this manual first carefully before acceptance, installation and use of the company products by users. If you still have any questions, please contact with marketing department of Xi’an Zhongyang Electrical Co., Ltd. we will provide you with professional consultations and services.